Covid-19 Update: The Sports Therapy Clinic is now open and taking bookings.

Treatments are held at my home clinic or your home and where possible treatments will be outdoors. 

I am currently offering the following services:

Outdoors Pilates Small Group Sessions £8.50pp

* Monday & Wednesday: 


* Monday & Wednesday: 



* Friday Beginners/Post-Pre Natal:  


Personal Training - Pilates - HIP Sessions 

I plan each session for the individual, so relax and know you're continually working towards your goals.

As an experienced Sports Therapist with knowledge & understanding of injuries and subsequent rehabilitation, you can rest assured knowing your well-being & physical health is at the forefront of my mind when training you.

Training on your own is not for everyone, so feel free to pair up with a friendly face or a small group of your own, where you can train alongside like-minded individuals to reach your goals together with extra encouragement and motivation.

1:1 30 min £15

1:1 60 min £25 

Please contact for Small groups prices 

Massage Treatments 

Sports Massage - A firm targeted treatment for specific dysfunctions and areas of the body, inc MET stretching. Excellent for fatigued muscles and increase range of movement. 

Deep Tissue  Massage - A pressure adjusted treatment that can be adapted throughout meet the needs of the client, particularly beneficial for those with pain and stiffness. 

Swedish Massage - A treatment that encourages  the body to release stress and relax, a flowing massage designed to encourage blow flow and improve circulation.

1hr treatment £55

30 min treatment £35 

Online sessions are held via Zoom.

All sessions can be held via Zoom or outdoors, every session is tailored to suit the individuals needs & goals. Sessions can be booked through from Monday-Sunday.

All outdoor group sessions are limited to 5 participants, meeting government guidelines. 

A range of stretching, Pilates, Functional Exercise and general advice will be included in every session. 


Siane  Hanson 

Sports Therapist & Fitness Professional

Originally from North London I moved to Brampton Village, Cambridgeshire in 2018, I brought with me 20 years of professional experience and took the opportunity to set up my own business. A fully qualified Level 4 Sports Therapist, Fitness Professional & Pilates instructor with a loyal client base and 5* reviews to support my methods. I take great pride in supporting each of my clients needs, offering them the very best service. Whether  you're booking in for Sports Therapy Treatment, Pilates or Personal Training you can rest assured you're in safe knowledgeable hands. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Is Sports Therapy for me?

Do you suffer from any of the common injuries noted in the image?


If the answer is yes then Sports Therapy treatment would definitely be an option you should consider.

What are the benefits? 


There are many benefits to sports massage not just on the body (physical) but also on the mind (psychological) as the body becomes more relaxed the mind eases.

  • Improves range of movement 

  • Brakes down scar tissue

  • Opens micro - circulation

  • Decreases further injuries

  • Speeds up recovery time between workouts

  • Increases oxygen & nutrients to the body

  • Better sleep pattern

  • Decreased muscle spasms  

  • Increased well-being

  • Improved flexibility

Initial Consultation 
& Treatment 
Maintenance Sessions 

Either on the phone or in person this will take no longer than 15 minutes. It will help me to assess if you are suitable for sports therapy treatment, deep tissue Swedish massage & if not I will refer you to the correct professional.

On your first visit, I will carry out a consultation this may include a range of specialist tests including functional movement as well as a total body analysis. This will give me an understanding as to what is causing your pain or dysfunction, I will then be able to provide an effective treatment plan.

Following the treatment I will provide you with some home care advice and in some cases some basic exercises to perform at home. 

Sports Therapy maintenance sessions are designed to continue treatment on a regular basis, each session will be either 30 or 60 minutes long, focusing on specific areas already known to me and my client to target the main cause of the dysfunction. Using a range of massage techniques including soft tissue, trigger point therapy as well MET stretching and exercises. 

Deep tissue & Swedish Massage sessions are advised on a regular basis to further enhance the benefits. Our muscles and organs need oxygen to heal and function properly; this is one of the key benefits of massage since it stimulates blood flow. ... In doing so, it relieves back pain, heals sore muscles, and is beneficial for one's overall health and well-being. The more often and the more consistent you receive a massage, the better your body will feel over time.

Personal Training 

When you choose PT its more than just a workout, it's a lifestyle change.

With each session you will enjoy a tailored made program in a setting of your choice, which will not only suit your needs but maximise your results through carefully created programming and extended information on how to continue and maintain your progress in every day life.

Sessions can be with or without equipment


*Pure Pilates is a low impact gentle form of exercise for everybody. Designed to strengthen and stretch the whole body in turn improving muscle strength, posture & balance.

*HIP - Is High Intensity Pilates it's a fast paced session combing traditional Pilates with the addition of working out in the fat burning zone.

par Q form is to be completed before taking part in any sessions.

All classes are for both men & women 

Pre-Post Natal for Bumps & Babies




Sports Therapy Clinic 

One Leisure Huntingdon

Saint Peter's Road

PE29 7DA

11 North RD

Brampton Park


PE28 4FN 

Pilates Sessions 

Sessions are held at various venues please contact for further details. 

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